Steven D. Sheetz


Accounting and Information Systems


Steve Sheetz is a member of the Department of Accounting and Information systems. He has worked on big data projects related to crises, tragedies, and recovery with continuous NSF funding for the past 6 years (

The CTR-NET project involves crawling the web for documents related to a crisis event with an intelligent crawler and storing them in archive for later analysis.  With this project, Professor Sheetz has developed an ontology for classifying documents related to crises and collected over 8.8 terabytes of data for many crises including school shootings, terrorist acts, and many natural disasters including tornadoes, hurricanes, and super-storm Sandy.  He also analyzed and visualized millions of tweets during the uprisings of the Arab Spring in Tunisia and Egypt. Previous projects for Professor Sheetz includes a 5-year big data project involving daily stock prices for all companies on three exchanges for the period 1995 to 2003. With this project, Professor Sheetz initiated the visualization, emergence and bursting of the dot-com stock bubble, anticipating on applying lessons learned from the analysis to identify patterns that allow regulators to detect other types of asset bubbles in the future.

Professor Sheetz is also connected with several other big data projects, one of which includes correlations among facial expression analysis software that identifies emotions, EEG, and physiological measures, e.g., heart rate and galvanic skin response.  These correlations are measured repeatedly at 200ms intervals, generating substantial amounts of data.

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