MSBA-Business Analytics


Master of Science in Business Administration

with a concentration in Business Analytics (MSBA-BA)

Obtain skills to launch your future in business analytics...
The new concentration in Business Analytics within the Master of Science in Business Administration degree program will provide students the business knowledge, technical expertise and professional skills to become effect business analytics practitioners.
Data analysis is the fuel for business innovation in nearly every profession.
With the exponential growth of data, businesses need leaders who have the right skills to identify, frame and solve business problems for high ROI solutions.
Virginia Tech is a leader in engineering, sciences, and business.
This program prepares students to become effective business analytics practitioners. By working on multi-disciplinary project teams similar to those found in most corporations today, students are able to gain a working knowledge of business analytics.
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Accelerated Undergraduate/Graduate program

Students must be accepted into the program prior to the beginning of the semester in which they would enroll in courses to be used in the accelerated program.

Virginia Tech Accelerated Masters

MSBA-BA Admission

Admission to the program will be competitive with selection based on leadership and communication skills, motivation, quantitative aptitude, and computing experience.  The program will recruit and select students from a wide variety of disciplines and backgrounds.  However, successful applicants must possess basic skills in statistics, computer programming and database management.  These skills can be documented through testing and/or academic transcripts.   It is anticipated that most applicants will be from engineering, computing, science, and business programs.

The Application Process Includes:

  • Online application, including transcripts and test scores (GRE or GMAT and TOEFL or IELTS scores for Int’l students) 
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Statement of Academic and Professional Goals
  • Resume
  • Applicant interview (qualified applicants will be contacted to schedule an interview after the online application has been reviewed)


Deadlines for Summer II admission

Application Deadline for International students is February 1, 2017

Application Deadline for Domestic students is June 1, 2017


The first effective date to declare the major concentration will be July 2016.  The first effective date for students to graduate with the major concentration will be July 2017.  The 30 hour program will include a 15 hour Business Core (required by the state and university for the M.S. in Business Administration).  It will also include a 15 hour Analytics Core, including two courses directly related to the capstone project.  In some cases, additional electives may be used to replace courses contained in the business core where competency is proved.

Required Core Curriculum:

15 Hours-Business Core

ACIS 5104 Fundamentals of Accounting

Fundamentals of accounting systems as they relate to decision making. Attention is directed toward accounting for the core of management control and financial reporting systems, and as integrally related to the information system. (3H,3C)

BIT 5724 Managerial Statistics

This course describes how to use a collection of quantitative techniques to analyze data and help with managerial decision-making. After understanding how to use Microsoft Excel to formulate, analyze and solve general business problems, students focus on how to construct and use mathematical models along with spreadsheet models based on topics from statistics (i.e., probability theory, statistical inference, and linear regression) and management science (i.e., linear programming).

FIN 5024 Principals of Finance
MGT 5314 Dynamics of Organizational Behavior

This course examines the determinants and consequences of human behavior in formal organizations. The specific graduate focus is on understanding the individual, interpersonal, and group processes which underlie all human dynamics.

MKTG 5104 Marketing Policy and Strategy

Required Analytics Curriculum:

15 Hours-Analytics Core

BIT 5524 Intro to Business Intelligence and Analytics

Overview of business intelligence and analytics technologies and their strategic use including defining/framing the business context for decisions, decision models, data issues, business intelligence, building analytics capability, cloud computing, making organizations smarter, and measuring the value of analytics.

BIT 5534 Applied Business Intelligence and Analytics

Development of business intelligence and analytics solutions and applications to various types of decision-making problems. Analytics software and techniques. Data preparation, data exploration and visualization, predictive analytics techniques, text analytics, spatial analytics. Prerequisite(s): BIT 5524

BIT 5424 Advanced Business Information Visualization for Analytics

Study of the perception and design principles and advanced techniques for information visualization, with an emphasis on the application of visualization software for data exploration and the development of analytical skills for business.  Includes hands-on exposure to information visualization and statistical software.

MGT 5905-5906 Business Analytics Capstone

Management and execution of business analytics projects. 5905: Problem and scope definition, identifying objectives, data requirements and preparation, selection of software tools, project planning and administration, leadership and team building, and assessment of project value and effectiveness. Pre: Graduate standing. (3H, 3C).  5906: Integrated application of analytics knowledge, techniques, and tools resulting in the development and delivery of insights, recommendations, and expected outcomes to corporate stakeholders in professional communications, presentations, and reports. Pre: 5905. (3H, 3C).

Substitutions for business core courses may be made with the approval of the department heads or his/her designee if the students provide transcripts that document completed courses have provided an equivalent proficiency.

Approved Electives


ACIS 5504 Information Systems Design and Database Concepts

This course is an introduction to design methodologies in information systems. Structured systems analysis and design methodologies are discussed. An introduction to database design methodologies is also included. Topics related to different database models and their implementation is discussed. Students are also required to design and implement information systems using appropriate computer software. Pre: MBA/MACCT standing.

ACIS 5524 Advanced Data Management Systems

This course relates database theories and practices to concepts from other areas, such as programming languages, algorithms, data structures, and information systems. The relational, network, and hierarchical models are introduced. A major portion of the course deals with data manipulation languages for the relational model, design theory for relational databases, and query optimization. Prerequisite(s): ACIS 4514 (UG) OR ACIS 4514 OR ACIS 4515 (UG) OR ACIS 4515 OR ACIS 5504

BIT 5474 Computer-Based Decision Support Systems

This course explains the characteristics, use, and development of decision support systems (DSS) within the context of other business information systems. The process of designing and implementing decision support systems in business is discussed from both theoretical and practical standpoints. Students will learn various ways of measuring the success of DSS implementation as well as the difficulties associated with all such measures. Students will learn to use common software tools to develop DSS.

HTM 5564 Information Technology and Business Analytics for Hospitality and Tourism

Widely used information systems in operation, management, and e-business in hospitality and tourism. Emerging analytics tools for business intelligence and strategic decision-making. Impacts of IT on organizations and the industry as a whole.

HTM 5574 Revenue Management for Hospitality Services

Dynamic forecasting of supply and demand, customer relationship management, services production, pricing, promotion, and distribution. Implications for human resources and information systems management.  Application and integration of revenue and customer centric management theory.

MKTG 4264 Analytics for Marketing

The course integrates conceptual and quantitative aspects of marketing.  Students will learn the role of analytical techniques and computer models in enhancing marketing decisions, and techniques used in identification, assessment, and forecasting market opportunities.

MKTG 5154 Research for Marketing Decisions

The course encompasses: problem formulation, research design, data gathering instruments, scaling, sampling, data analysis for making marketing-related decisions, and solving marketing-oriented problems.

STAT 5615 Statistics for Research

Concepts in statistical inference, including basic probability, estimation, and test of hypothesis, point and interval estimation and inferences; simple linear regression; one-way analysis of variance and categorical data analysis.

STAT 5616 Statistics for Research

Experimental designs: basic concepts; completely randomized designs; randomized complete block designs; balanced incomplete block designs; Latin square designs; factorial treatment designs; mixed effects designs; split-plot designs.  Multiple linear regression: general formulation, estimation and inference, variable selection, and model diagnostics.  Pre: 5615: 1 year calculus; 5616: 5615(3H, 3C). 5615: I 5616: II.

Sample Plan of Study

Summer 2 Session:

BIT 5724 Managerial Statistics (Business core) (online)

SAS Boot Camp (required unless competency proven) (Non-credit, offered one week before fall classes)


Fall Semester:

ACIS 5104     Fundamentals of Accounting (Business core)

BIT 5524        Introduction to Business Intelligence for Analytics (Analytics core) (online)

BIT 5534        Applied Business Intelligence and Analytics (Analytics core)

MKTG 5104   Marketing Policy and Strategy (Business core)


Spring Semester:

FIN 5024       Principles of Finance (Business core)

BIT 5424       Advanced Business Information Visualization and Analytics (Analytics core)

MGT 5905    Business Analytics Capstone (Analytics core)

MGT 5314    Dynamics of Organizational Behavior (Business core)


Summer 1 Session:

MGT 5906    Business Analytics Capstone (Analytics core)


Representatives of major corporations will serve as corporate advisors for the program. These advisors will provide strategic advice and guidance regarding the program’s learning objectives and curriculum, participate in classes by delivering guest lecturers, and provide capstone analytics consulting projects.  Classroom and corporate provided projects will be geared toward business intelligence, business data analysis techniques, business decision-making, and focused on real-world opportunities with the potential for high economic returns and market impacts.

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As a company, Altria strives to be as dynamic and versatile as the world in which they operate.

Altria will serve on CBIA’s advisory panel and will provide strategic advice and guidance regarding the MSBA-BA program’s learning objectives and curriculum, participate in classes by providing guest lecturers, sponsor a 10-month, analytics consulting project, and provide important financial support to the program.


Our values as IBMers shape everything we do, every choice we make on behalf of this company. Having a shared set of values helps us make decisions and, in the process, makes our company great. But their real influence occurs when we apply these values to our personal work and our interactions with one another and the wider world. IBMers determined that our actions will be driven by these values:

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The capstone project is the cornerstone activity of the MSBA-BA program.  It is essential to the learning that takes place during the intensive year-long curriculum.  Students work on interdisciplinary, four-to-five member teams on a corporate project that has significant strategic importance to corporations.  Corporations will provide data and a project coordinator.  At the end of the project, students will make a formal presentation.  This involves preparing a professional consulting report that summarizes and supports their findings and building a business case for their recommendations.

The capstone project allow students to work closely with corporate and faculty mentors, creates an experiential learning opportunity, and connects the classroom to real-world problems and decision-makers.  This experience will not only enhance students’ technical skills, but provide business acumen that facilitates execution of those skills.


I am employed full-time. Is this program right for me?

The circumstances of each student are unique.  Please contact the Executive Director, Linda Oldham at or Academic Director, Cliff Ragsdale at to determine if this program is right for you.

If I am admitted into the program, can I delay enrollment?

Once admitted into the program, students cannot delay or defer enrollment. If emergency issues or other circumstances arise after being admitted, please contact Dr. Oldham at

Is this program an accelerated undergrad/graduate degree program?

Yes, the MSBA-BA program is approved as an accelerated master’s program at Virginia Tech. Undergraduate students must be accepted into the program prior to the beginning of the semester in which they would enroll in courses to be used in the accelerated program. Please review the information at for more details.

What is the admissions process?

The application process includes the following:

  • Online application, including transcripts and test scores (GRE or GMAT and TOEFL or IELTS scores for Int’l students)
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Statement of Academic and Professional Goals
  • Resume
  • Applicant interview (qualified applicants will be contacted to schedule an interview after the online application has been reviewed)

After all application material has been reviewed by Executive Director, candidates will be notified within 1-2 weeks of final decision.

What is the application deadline for the program?

Currently, we are accepting applications for the MSBA-BA program until all seats are filled. If you desire admission into the program, get an early start on your application today.

What level of programming skills must I have before enrolling into the program?

Students should have basic programming skills or a fundamental understanding of programming.

I’ve already taken 2-3 of the courses required for this program. Must I retake them if I am admitted?

If you have already successfully completed coursework required for the MSBA-BA program, you will not need to retake those courses.  Contact Dr. Oldham or Dr. Ragsdale for additional information.

Why is the MSBA-BA program beneficial?

There is a tremendous shortage of people with analytics skills, especially in the area of analytics applications for business strategies.  “Forty percent of respondents to a 2015 MIT Sloan Management Review survey say they have difficulty hiring analytical talent.  Only 17 percent of “analytically challenged” firms say they have the talent they need.” ( 2015 MIT Sloan Management Review)

Virginia Tech is a leader in engineering, sciences and business and can address these needs by providing graduate students with a working knowledge of business analytics and the opportunity to hone these skills by working on multi-disciplinary project teams.  This multi-disciplinary  program–coupled with its capstone project in business analytics —will give students the preparation to operate in a managerial, data-centric, and technological environment.



What is the tuition for the program?

Program tuition and fees 2016 – 2017:

Tuition and fees for the 30 credit hour program is approximately $19,368, plus a $4,875 supplemental fee for in state students.  The tuition and fees for out-of-state students is approximately $37,112, plus a $4,875 supplemental fee.  Most students who receive graduate assistantships will receive a tuition and fee scholarship in portion to the percentage of their assistantship.  Out-of-State students who receive a graduate assistantship will receive a waiver for the out-of-state portion of their tuition for the year.  See for details.

What is an Accelerated Student?

Undergraduate students with at least a 3.3 GPA may apply for accelerated admission to the MSBA-BA program. If admitted, this allows a student to take up to 12 graduate hours during the last two semesters of their undergraduate studies. With the approval of the student’s undergraduate department, some or all of these 12 graduate hours may apply to both their undergraduate degree and the MSBA-BA degree. Please contact the Executive Director, Linda Oldham at or Academic Director, Cliff Ragsdale at to determine if this program is right for you.

Can I enroll in the program on a part-time basis?

The circumstances of each student are unique.  The MSBA-BA program is designed as a full-time, cohort based program; the course structure along with the required capstone project will involve full-time interaction with corporate sponsors as well as project-based collaboration with classmates.  If your circumstances will not permit you to enroll in the program on a full-time basis, please contact the Executive Director, Linda Oldham at or Academic Director, Cliff Ragsdale at to determine if this program is right for you.

Can I transfer credit into the program?

There are some exceptions but students must petition. Petitions must be submitted to Dr. Oldham, Executive Director at

How do I apply for this program?

Students will submit an online application through the Virginia Tech Grad School. To get started, click here.

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