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Healthcare AppJam Info Session

Join a team and craft a solution using Microsoft HoloLens that can improve health and wellness in our community

2nd Information SessionTuesday, February  28, 5:00—6:00 pm

Via WebEx click the button above and use the access code below.

Meeting number (access code): 646 524 331

Competition:  Saturday, April 1 at the VT Carilion Business Intelligence & Healthcare Analytics Symposium at the VTCRI in Roanoke 

 All students & disciplines wanted!

Prizes: $3,000, $1,500 and $1,000.

Questions & Register: cbia@vt.edu  

Rapid developments in the use of augmented and mixed reality devices provide limitless opportunities to improve healthcare. Wider access to diagnostics, delivery, training and surgical outcomes are just some of the possibilities.

Microsoft’s HoloLens can dynamically mix the digital and natural environments. The device enables interaction with holograms as if they were in the same space.

Learn more about how to get involved in a an exciting effort to apply HoloLens capabilities to real world healthcare needs at an informational session on 2/21.  On March 6 multidisciplinary teams will  each submit a description of their proposed solution and a YouTube video.  A small group of teams will be selected and will be loaned a Microsoft HoloLens 3-D to further develop their concept for final selection.


Sponsored by: Avanade, Virginia Tech: Discover Analytics Center, Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies, Center for Human Computer Interaction

Congratulations to  Zheng Xiang, Qianzhou Du, Yufeng Ma and Dr. Weiguo Fan for winning First Place in the Best Research Paper Award for Assessing Reliability of Social Media Data: Lessons from Mining TripAdvisor Hotel Reviews!



Norfolk Southern Case Competition
January 25th 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm Pamplin 1045

Norfolk Southern provides premium shipping service and reliable logistics solutions for customers.

Deadline for registration is January 23rd – register below, or email cbia@vt.edu

On Wednesday, January 25th, Virginia Tech students of all disciplines can join us for the 2nd Case Competition challenge.

For more complete case details and other info please email cbia@vt.edu

Norfolk Southern Case Competition - Info Session
January 18th 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Pamplin 1045

ECE Spring 2017 Colloquium
Bradley Distinguished Lecture


“Inference and Learning over Large-Scale Social Networks”

Prof. Georgios B. Giannakis

ADC Chair in Wireless Telecommunications and
McKnight Presidential Chair in ECE
University of Minnesota

Friday, Jan 27th 2017 Ÿ 4:00 p.m. Ÿ 190 Goodwin Hall



Professor Juncai Jiang featured in WalletHub’s recent piece about Black Friday deals



October 12, 2016
Watson IoT Workshop
5pm – 8pm

Watson Internet of Things Platform workshop: Learn to deploy your first IoT app on the cloud through hands-on training!

Location: Pamplin Hall Room 1045

Time: 5pm – 8pm


  1. Internet of Things overview
  2. IBM Bluemix Overview
  3. IBM Watson IoT platform overview
  4. Hands-on workshop: Connecting your smartphone with simulated sensors to the cloud and creating/deploying an IoT app using Node-Red
  5. Next steps for exploration: Real-Time Insights, Dashboards, Alerts, etc.

You Need: Charged laptops, smartphones, wifi access

For more information, please send an email to cbia@vt.edu.


Tanya Coutray

Data and Analytics on a Global Scale

Tanya Coutray is a Senior Director of Data and Analytics in Walmart’s Global Ethics
and Compliance organization. She graduated from Virginia Tech with bachelor and
masters degrees in Mathematics.

Tanya will give an overview of the types of analytics that are done at Walmart, the
complexities of scope and scale, and the fascinating dynamics of a truly International
presence. She will share her experience in technology, data and analytics, and how
her degrees in mathematics from Virginia Tech positioned her in this career.

WEDNESDAY • 19 OCTOBER • 3:30–4:30 PM


September 28, 2016
Deloitte Analytics Symposium
12:30pm - 5pm

October 12, 2016
Watson IoT Workshop
5pm - 8pm

Save the date! The 2016 Analytics Symposium sponsored by Deloitte will be held on Wednesday, September 28 from 12:30pm – 5pm. in Haymarket Theater, Squires Student Center, 290 College Ave, Blacksburg, VA.


Explore how analytics can transform the workplace and give companies an innovative and competitive edge.
The symposium will feature speakers from Virginia Tech, Deloitte, IBM, ABBTECH, and other corporations.


“The symposium is designed for students, faculty, and corporate leaders who wish to focus on pragmatic issues faced by companies when using large sets of data to build strategies that drive business success,” said Linda Oldham, the center’s executive director.


Presenters will describe emerging tools, technologies, and processes in areas that can stimulate a new wave of business innovation and growth: cognitive analytics, “Internet of Things” analytics, and workforce analytics.


The symposium is open to anyone who wants to learn from leading experts how to empower their organization and develop new business strategies for new growth and competitive advantages.


The event is free and open to the public. See highlights from the 2015 symposium below.

Tuesday, September 27, CMDA and Statistics will be hosting a special talk by Jerry Friedman, Professor Emeritus from Stanford and one of the fundamental contributors to data analytics over the past 40 years.  His book “Elements of Statistical Learning” (with Tibshirani and Hastie) is a landmark work of great influence.  We are grateful that he is able to join us next week.


Jerry Friedman (Stanford University)

“Prediction Error, Censoring, Order Classification and Optimal Transformations”

Tuesday September 27

5-6pm (reception to follow)

New Classroom Building 360

Torgersen Hall, Room 3100


Let’s built a smarter digital government. The challenge: Hack the Norm.  At Pivot Point we are instituting innovation as the norm. We challenge you to re-imagine and improve current government processes and standards. You have the skills and imagination to help your government operate more efficiently and to be more effective. Lets tackle real issues and solve real problems: public housing, money management, accessibility, resource saturation, citizen engagement. Put your skills and creativity to the test. What can you do in a weekend?


Hack + Workshop + Guest Speakers + Merch +Free Food

Register on line at www.pivotpoint16.com


August 16-19, 2016
SAS On-Site Workshop

SAS is the leader in analytics.  Through innovative analytics, BI and data management software and services, SAS helps turn data into better decisions.

Skills in SAS are required for MSBA-BA students.  To support this requirement, we are offering two SAS Workshops:

SAS Programming 1

August 16, 17, 18

9am – 5pm, Pamplin Hall

SAS Programming (3 Day)


SAS Visual Analytics

August 19

9am – 5pm, Pamplin Hall

SAS Visual Analytics (1 Day)

For more information, please send an email to cbia@vt.edu.

Wkshp S


April 7-9, 2016
"Mobile Apps for Global Good in Healthcare"
Analytics Hackathon

Pamplin’s first analytics hackathon was held April 7-9th and produced by CBIA and the AT&T Developer Program with support from Geico, IBM and Carilion Clinic.  The event drew students from various disciplines and was held in the Pamplin College of Business & ICAT studio on the Blacksburg campus.

First Place Winners

Brian Elliott, Electrical Engineering, Jonathan Briganti, Neuroscience and Madeline Yaskowski, Public Relations

The first-place app, MIa was created to diagnose mental health concerns—primarily dementia—as early as possible. Currently, the primary testing method is visiting a doctor to seek a mental screening. Unfortunately, the low number of tests administered don’t give healthcare officials much data to work with. The group sought out to vastly increase these numbers. To do this, they used established questionnaires and adjusted them to function best on a phone screen. The information from these questions is sent to a doctor, who can remotely review the scores and see potential progression of any concern. With this wealth of information on each patient, the hope is that issues are diagnosed before symptoms occur, greatly increasing the aging population’s quality of life.


Second Place Winners

Joy Zhang, University Studies, Peter Steele, Computer Science and Hassan Almas, Computer Science

The goal of Analyticshack—the second-place winning app—is to save health providers money by providing an incentive based system to prevent readmission and encourage healthy habits.  This team looked at 25 different categories of admission reasons.  Based on the mean cost per stay and the percent readmitted, they were able to calculate the expected cost to the hospital.


Third Place Winners

Shuoying Ying, Business Information Technology, Tanner Dykes, Computational Modeling and Data Analytics and Mueezay Khan, Marketing Management

The purpose of this team’s winning app was to create a way to organize the various factors that contribute to managing blood pressure. This team hopes that with the creation of this app, doctor-patient interaction will be better facilitated by keeping track of a patient’s blood pressure readings, either obtaining data through a wearable device (such as an Apple Watch) or with a connectable sphygmomanometer. The key feature of the app is providing an email notification to the doctor if the patient’s blood pressure were to go over the “normal blood pressure” values for a patient (relative from person to person, determined by the physician).

Hackathon pics

March 30, 2016
Norfolk Southern Case Competition
5:30 - 8:30pm

Norfolk Southern provides premium shipping service and reliable logistics solutions for customers and challenged attendees to create an innovative solution to a real business challenge in CBIA’s first business case competition.

On Wednesday, March 30, Virginia Tech students of all disciplines gathered for the challenge.  The case study involved evaluating the efficient use of Norfolk Southern intermodal terminals to provide recommendations to improve customer throughput while ensuring the best use of intermodal assets.  Here are the winners:

First Place Winners

Wandong Fu, BIT, Shaoying Ying, BIT & Accounting, Karen Ma, Finance/BIT, Corey Rodriguez, BIT and Angel Pak, BIT

Second Place Winners

Kayley Shomers, BIT, Randy Chaing, BIT, Alexa Klinvex, BIT and Joshua Wilets, BIT/Supply Chain,  

Third Place Winners

Sean Trenchard, BIT, Todd Ferri, BIT, Adrienne Clark, BIT and Ian Gregg, BIT

Norfolk Southern Case Competition



November 11, 2015
Conversations & Trends in Business Analytics:
"Analytics Applied: Real World Use Cases"

The Business Intelligence & Analytics market is one of the largest, most competitive and innovative markets in enterprise software today.  But what does “analytics” really mean?  Who inside an organization uses it and how?

In his lecture, Steven Schneider (computer science ’98), Chief Product Officer of LogiAnalytics, discussed the different types of analytics with demonstrations through real-world examples of how different companies are achieving business results.  He also addressed how Logi Analytics tackles some of the big problems that exist in companies today.

Click on the video to the right to view Steven Schneider’s presentation.

Steven Schneider, Chief Product Officer


November 4, 2015
Inspiring Women in Technology Speakers Series:
Fireside Chat with Kelly Chambliss

On Wednesday, November 4, 2015, Kelly Chambliss, CTO and Strategy Leader for IBM Global Business Service joined a small group of Tech women in technology for a round-table discussion.  Students from various disciplines chatted with Kelly in-depth about the challenges, opportunities and work-life balance issues for women in technology careers.


Kelly Chambliss, CTO and Strategy Leader
IBM Global Business Service


October 7, 2015
Conversations & Trends in Business Analytics:
"Boeing and Big Data: The Digital Aerospace Ecosystem"

Today, customers expect information solutions within products at the touch of a button. Thus, many industries are forming digital ecosystems to better connect partners, developers and customers with information, new capabilities and each other. These ecosystems change the way customers interact with products, allow for services the customer never even dreamed possible, and stretch market boundaries.

On Wednesday, October 7, 2015,  Dewey Houck, Vice President and Chief Data Analytics Officer of Boeing Defense, Space and Security visited Pamplin Hall.  Virginia Tech students and faculty of all disciplines attended Mr. Houck’s lecture.  Topics of discussion included how the company is leveraging its big data to enhance its products and provide value to customers and why the aerospace company recently create a new organization to pursue this business opportunity.  Afterwards, Mr. Houck conducted a small, fireside chat with a group of Tech students from various disciplines.

Click on the video to the right to hear Dewey Houck’s lecture.

Dewey Houck, Vice President
Boeing Defense, Space & Security


October 7, 2015
Inspiring Women in Technology Speakers Series:
Fireside Chat with Sarah Mayer

On Wednesday, October 7, 2015, Sarah Mayer, Senior Director, Strategy Design, Boeing, joined a small group of Tech women in technology students from all disciplines for an intimate discussion.  Topics included networking, mentoring, overcoming challenges and what are some solutions to recruit more women in technology.

Fireside Chat

Sarah Mayer, Senior Director, Strategy Design


September 30, 2015
First Annual Business Analytics Symposium
Sponsored by Deloitte, LLP

A panel of experts from Virginia Tech and Deloitte recently met for an interactive discussion on the most pressing topics in business analytics.

To hear more about analytic trends, research and relevant skills related to career paths in the field, watch panels from the event below.



  • Reza Barkhi, Pamplin College of Business
  • Debra Salbador, Pamplin College of Business
  • Ravi Gupta, Partner, Deloitte Tax LLP
  • Mike Hoover, Principal, Deloitte Tax LLP


  • Alan Abrahams, Pamplin College of Business
  • John Taillon, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP
  • Jim Wentzel, Manager, High Performance Analytics Team, SAS


  • Janine Hiller, Pamplin College of Business
  • Deborah Golden, Principal, Deloitte & Touche LLP
  • Mac Marlow, Director, Technology Services Group and Health Analytics, Enterprise Applications and Business Analysis, Carilion Clinic


September 23, 2015
Conversations & Trends in Business Analytics:
"Social Media Marketing"

Following a winding path through five different disciplines and three states, Kurt Wirth is living proof that life is meant to be learned as it unfolds in front of you. Conquering many obstacles, Kurt has found his passion and now manages Social Media Marketing for GEICO.

Over the previous year and a half, he’s overhauled GEICO’s social presence into a lens through which the company proactively engages in communities across the nation.  On Wednesday, September 23, Kurt presented invaluable information to Tech students about how social media marketing can work for them.

Kurt Wirth

Kurt Wirth, Social Media Manager, Data Analyst

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