Virginia Tech Healthcare AppJam

Sponsored by Avanade

Virginia Tech (VT) PamplinCollege of Business (Organizer)
•Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies
•Center for Human Computer Interaction
VT Students from all disciplines and tenures are encouraged to participate. 5 Design concepts will be down-selected for a final selection presentation.

Applying Microsoft’s HoloLens capabilities, student teams will be asked to develop design concepts to improve Healthcare experiences. Ideas can apply to Medical Workers, Researchers, Patients, Healthcare educators or other Health-related actors.
Avanade will provide several in-person and webinar sessions to educate participants on HoloLens capabilities and uses. Down-selected teams will also be assigned a HoloLens ‘tutor’ to answer questions along the way.
•Competition Kick-off / Info Session : February 21, 2017 at VT
•HoloLens Webinar Overview:February 28th(and recorded)
•Design Concept Submission: March 6, 2017 via YouTube video
•Down-Selects Announced: March 10, 2017
•Finalist Presentation:April 1, 2017 at Symposium


Competition Parameters

Objective: Develop a design concept by applying the capabilities of a HoloLens. The concept
should improve delivery and application of Healthcare. The uses can be within the medical
profession itself, in the field of medical research, patient experience or for education and
training in the field of medicine.
Submissions: Registering your design concept will need to be completed by March 6th. Design ideas
are to be described and presented as a YouTube video. Five down-selected concepts will be announced
on March 10th. These participants will compete for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards by presenting
their design concept at the Symposium* at the VTCRI in Roanoke, VA on April 1st. Participants will
have until the day of the final presentation to further develop their concept.
Training Resources: Prior to developing a concept, attend a HoloLens Informational webinar or
listen to the recorded session to further understand capabilities and potential applications of the
device. You are also encouraged to do self-study using the resource links at the end of this
document. The down-selected teams will have an opportunity to experience the HoloLens live.
• Judging: The application of the key HoloLens capabilities as well as its potential is the
crux of this competition. Other key elements that your teams will evaluated upon will include how
well the idea impacts advances in medical care and education. The categories to be evaluated will
• Innovation – presenting an idea that shows creativity and innovative ways of applying the device
• Applicability – demonstrating an understanding of the HoloLens device capabilities and
• Impact – conceptualizing a design able to reach a broad population of patients, students or
medical professionals and improve their experience
• Presentation – communicating the concept in a succinct, understandable style which enables the
audience to envision how the idea would work in a real life scenario


• Final Presentation:
The down-selected teams will have an opportunity to see the
HoloLens demonstrated. Actually developing a concept using the device takes longer than our
competition schedule allows. Therefore, teams are encouraged to be creative and use any medium they
feel is most appropriate to present their designs. This includes everything from Prezi, to video
to PowerPoint. The final presentation essay writing will be conducted in a “Shark Tank” format allowing
participants to ‘sell their concept’ and judges to ask probing questions.
• Awards:
• 1st Place: $3,000
• 2nd Place: $1,500
• 3rd Place: $1,000
• Post Competition: TBD

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