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U.S. Gets Warnings and Advice About the Internet of Things

When it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT), the only agreement in Washington is on its impact: It will be huge — in both good and bad ways.

The IoT may become a means to deliver a disabling, global attack. Connected IoT devices have potential to reveal more than a novelist about a person’s behavior and bring privacy invasion to a new level. On the plus side, improved automation may save lives, keep people healthy and increase food production.

Worldwide Big Data and Business Analytics Revenues Forecast to Reach $187 Billion in 2019, According to IDC 

FRAMINGHAM, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–According to the new Worldwide Semiannual Big Data and Analytics Spending Guide from International Data Corporation (IDC), worldwide revenues for big data and business analytics will grow from nearly $122 billion in 2015 to more than $187 billion in 2019, an increase of more than 50% over the five-year forecast period. The new Spending Guide expands on IDC’s previous forecasts by offering greater revenue detail by technology, industry, and geography.

Shotspotter: An Amazing Big Data Use Case to Tackle Gun Crime        

By Bernard Marr

One of the most interesting and positive uses I have seen of Big Data and analytics technology is ShotSpotter. The technology, developed by US-based SST Inc., works by effectively analyzing the entire soundscape of a city, and providing real-time alerts when gunfire is detected…

How Storage is Changing in the Age of Big Data  

By Don Basile

By 2020, IDC predicts that the amount of data will increase by a thousandfold, reaching a staggering 44 zettabytes of data. The only logical response to this data deluge is to create more ways to store and maximize all this information.

Data Analytics: The Recruitment Superpower

Leonardo da Vinci created the world’s first recorded résumé in 1482, and the structure of the document has more or less remained the same. Recruitment may be a slow to evolve industry, but big data analytics could shake all that up. Will predictive analytics displace human judgement entirely?

connected caregiving

Connected Caregiving in the Hospital and Beyond

How can we transform health care—the doctor’s appointments, finding specialists, managing medications—from a paper-heavy headache into a streamlined, personal process?

There’s more than one answer. It’s widely agreed that we need first of all a broad paradigm shift in our national approach to health care. But we also need to develop and deploy revolutionary new technologies. For example: data-collecting sensors that can monitor patients’ health in real time; data analytics that can help doctors diagnose difficult cases; and machine learning, which allows cloud computing to modify its own programming in order to form conclusions and predictions from vast amounts of data collected from millions of patients over time.


HHS Role in Healthcare Cybersecurity Discussed in Hearing

A House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee hearing discussed how healthcare cybersecurity should be handled by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Having effective data protection and incident response are crucial parts to strong healthcare cybersecurity, according to a recent hearing held by the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee.


Business Analytics, Data Engineering or the Science of Data?
Lessons from Darwin’s Finches…


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